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Learn Online Accounts Alevel

Learn Online Accounts Alevel

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Learn Online Account Alevel

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Differentiation – Derivative Worksheet Rule One

Differentiation – Derivative Worksheet Rule One

Differentiation – Derivative Worksheet Rule One, online math worksheets, math help, differentiation worksheets, Rule one of differentiation.


y = x^2 \mapsto \frac{dy}{dx}=nx^{n-1}


1. y = 6                                                                       11. y =x ^{4}-3x^{2}+ 1

2. y = x^{{_{}}^{5}}

3.y = -4x^{3}+5x^{2}-4

4. y = -3x^{-3}+ 2x^{2}-6




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Disability – Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Disability – Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities


“Being disabled does not mean Un-abled, just Different Abled.” – Mr. Noel Helm

Disability: Every person in this world has obligations and rights towards everything  he is connected to. Without a doubt, all these rights are necessary, but the prominent rights that social activists nowadays are working hard to protect are women’s rights and the mandatory rights of persons with disabilities. The fundamental discipline to maintain rights is a simple rule; if obligatory actions are taken by every single citizen to fulfill rights, then, no person would be left with unprotected or unfulfilled rights.

“Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do one thing well, you’re needed by someone.” – Martina Navratilova

The basic compulsory right of disabled persons is inclusion and importance in society. If these special persons are provided with their rightful position then, it becomes easier for them to achieve their goals or pursue their dreams. The fact that they are not supplied with a platform to polish their talents cannot be ignored. With no suitable space for their creativity, they hide their remarkable  talents which results in severe loss for the country as they miss out on a creative individual with raw talent. But the examples of original talent and true effort are among us who won hearts worldwide besides their disabilities, and proved that hard work is unstoppable.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking, a well-known English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author who showed true examples practically of hope, passion and not to mention, his abilities regardless of his disabilities. Stephen Hawking’s researches presented ground-breaking discoveries. Doctors diagnosed his serious neurological disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and acknowledged him that it was the early stage of that disease and he had two and a half years left to live when he was 21. That was the time when all hope felt lost for him.

It was devastating news for him and his family, but a few events prevented him from becoming completely despondent. The first of these came when Hawking was still in the hospital. There, he shared  a room with a boy suffering from leukemia. Relative to what his roommate was going through, he later reflected, his situation seemed more tolerable. Not long after he was released from the hospital, Hawking had a dream that he was going to be executed. He said this dream made him realize still, there were things he desired to do in his life. In a sense, Hawking’s disease helped turn him into the noted scientist he became. Before the diagnosis, Hawking hadn’t always focused on his studies. With the sudden realization that he might not even live long enough to earn his PhD, he poured himself into his work and research.

“Sometimes I wonder if I am as famous for my wheelchair and disabilities as I am for my discoveries.”  – Stephen Hawkin

After  a few years, when his condition worsened, he was forced to use a wheelchair. Decades passed by, he published several books including  ‘A brief history of time’, ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ and ‘On the shoulders of Giants’ which were considered his best ones. He also co-authored a series of children fiction novels with his daughter. His major work was on black holes. Hawking was awarded multiple times. He was given the Wolf Prize, a prestigious international award granted in Israel. And Royal Astronomical  Society (RAS) presented him the highest award of RAS, Gold Medal. He was also given Copley Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom by the Royal Society. Recent this year, upon his death, Stephen Hawking finally succumbed to the disease that was supposed to have killed him more than 50 years earlier.

“Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.” Helen Keller

Helen Admas  Keller , kind-hearted woman who had a tragic story of her own .When she was just two years old, she suffered from a sickness which has diagnosed by the doctors as ‘Brain Fever’. In this illness, Helen’s body was burning up with fever and after the fever was gone, her parents realized that their daughter  had lost her sense of sight and hearing . Her formal education was greatly interrupted due to her illness. Luckily, her father  found a brilliant and soft spoken teacher, Ms. Annie Sullivan and hired her immediately. She was a lady with patience who practiced what she preached. She herself lost sight as an infant but got it back after a few years. She was very thankful for having her sight back and showed her gratitude by helping other people who were going through the same as she  could understand their state because she had gone through the same.

Miss Sullivan was very able and experienced because she was a teacher at Perkin’s School for the blind at that time .She tried a quite effective method for her to become able to speak. She started teaching Helen to write and speak with the ‘Touch and Feel’ method. One day, she took Helen to the beach and put her hand in the water and told her to feel it. Then, she put her hand on the sand and wrote W-A-T-E-R with her fingers. Afterwards, she put her finger on her own lips and told her to feel their movement.

She also spelled the word ‘water’ on her palm and Helen memorized her motion. Observing all this, Helen thought that all this was a game. Then she realized that everything has a specific name. That day might be remembered as same old day but for Helen, it consisted of the turning point of her life. That moment of realization filled her heart with the spirit of learning. She learned to write several words with great speed. She soon became capable of writing, reading, and speaking. Her first  words explain the true definition of pure happiness; she exclaimed, ‘’What a joy!’’

“It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” – Helen Keller

Helen Keller, due to her love for education, began speech classes at the Horace Mann School. She learned to speak so others could understand her and improved her communication skills. She was determined to attend college. She joined a preparatory school when she started to get famous. She met Mark Twain and befriended him who introduced her to his friend, Henry H. Rogers. Rogers was a Standard Oil executive who felt impressed by Keller’s driven personality that he offered to pay for her to attend Radcliff College. There, she was accompanied by her faithful mentor, Miss Sullivan, who sat by her side to interpret lectures and text. She graduated easily.

Helen Keller wrote her first book  ‘The story of my life’. She remained friends forever with her guide, Miss Anne Sullivan. She was right there by her side when she was on her death bed taking her last breaths. Keller was the first blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

Helen Keller  teaches us many important things of life: true spirit, pure joy, the art of finding happiness in the smallest things, hard work and kindness. She climbed the stairs of success with firm steps alongside persistence.

Helen Keller visited Pakistan in 1956 to share an encouraging message in the school for the blind, dumb and deaf children.

“You can do everything in this world”

The above examples are indeed outside the country but it is not hard to find talent in our very own country, Pakistan. We are blessed with talented people with creative minds if only we understand their worth.

Belonging from Pakistan, bringing the change she wanted to see and way to pursue dreams, Muniba Mazari , a true ideal because she went after what she desired regardless of what people would say, because people don’t matter,  you do! She unfolded her story on media after unfortunate series of events.

Muniba Mazari  got married at a young  age. After two years, one day, she was in a car drive with her husband. There was a huge ditch up ahead of which the couple sat totally unaware of. At the last minute, when they saw it, they were unable to act quick or the breaks were not working on such speed. But at the very last moment, her husband jumped out of the car, saving himself. But poor Mazari was taken to the hospital as her ribs, back bone and other bones had gotten fractured.  That accident changed her life forever. She was under operation for days.

She received bad news for three consecutive days. The first day, doctor said that she could not paint due to the fracture on her wrist. She decided to cope with this news with hope. The next day, doctor told her that she will not be able to walk again because of her damaged backbone. She took deep breaths and thought of facing her fate with courage. Little did she know that the worst news awaited her. The following day, the doctor told her that due to the fixation in her back which was really bad, she could not give birth to a child. The news broke her heart. Feeling devastated on the verge of despair, she started to question her existence.

Even though, Muniba Mazari was admitted in the hospital for two and a half months, she found her own way of coping with the frustration from the pain. She painted her heart out on the canvas which her brother had brought on her demand. She had the incredible idea of writing her fears down and overcoming them one at a time. Her biggest fear was divorce. She said  :

“I liberated myself by setting him free.”

Another mentioned fear was the fear of never being able to be a mother. Then she had this thought:

“There are so many children in this world, all they need is acceptance. So, go and adopt one, and that’s what I did.”

Now, she is a proud single mom. She appears in public and delivers motivational speeches. She was featured in ‘’BBC 100 Women’’ for 2015 she speaks on the rights of women and children. Her message regarding self acceptance is powerful:

‘’So when you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you. It all starts from within.’’

She most certainly cannot be underestimated because she is a strong women who ran faster on the stairs of success  in a wheelchair than people with legs. It is crystal clear that her fears became her biggest strength, and it is important for everyone to come across this realization, the sooner,  the better. She did not give up after she decided to live life for herself.  She delivers a meaningful message on the relation between happiness and gratitude:

‘’Embrace each and every breath that you are taking, celebrate your life. Live it, don’t die before your death. Real happiness lies in gratitude, so be grateful, be alive. And live every moment.’’

All these heroes have different stories that led to their positions but they all have one thing in common:  the spirit to move on with hard work.

There is a vital part for us to play in order to achieve complete inclusion of persons with disabilities in any field. Institutes must improve and increase rapidly. But there are already many special centers which have been setup for special persons to take part in their chosen field. An extraordinary Olympic game was introduced years ago which included categories of sports which were especially designed for the disabled. A cricket match which has a special ball with sound functioned for blind cricket lovers. Nowadays, one can become anyone if he has the required passion and spirit.

Apart from financial support which we must deliver, moral support is also prime to help them settle. We must always address them with encouraging words rather than making them feel inferior because they most obviously are not. If we make them feel like we are better than them because we think so, then we are missing the most essential  trait within ourselves, which is ‘Humanity’. We should constantly remind them  that  true disability is not understanding  that:

‘’Your capabilities stand out far more prominent than your disabilities.’’

The key to success as told by people who are considered the most successful is that there is, in fact, no key to success at all. There is no key to success, just keep going, do not be dishearted or give up. There is always something that you can do, you just have to find it.

“They always say that failure is not an option. Failure should be an option because when you fail, you get up, and then you fail and then you get up and thatr keeps you keeps you going.” – Muniba Mazari.

Social activists are working hard to establish rights but we must play our part too. Everyone should should share their fair share of ideas regarding this topic.

“We have a moral duty to remove the barriers to participation, and to invest sufficient funding and expertise to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities.” – Stephen Hawking

Nowadays, talent less people are trending and getting viral. So, it is up to us to give attention to the deserving ones. Finding those deserving persons and supporting them on pursuing their dreams. Being socially inactive results in nothing but loss. You are in this world to become something, to make sure your dreams come true. So:

“Chase your dreams and hunt them down.” – Anonymous


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MA Economics Past Papers

MA Economics Past Papers

MA Economics Past  Papers, Online Tutor Pakistan offers free online past papers for Math, Economics, Statistics, Business and Finance and many other subjects.

MA Economics past papers

MA Economics Past Papers for Micro Economics, Public Finance, Advance Economics Statistics, Economics of Planning, Agriculture Economics, and National Income Analysis and Accounting

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Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 3

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 3Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 3

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 3, computer studies, Karachi Board computer science help, Online Tutor Pakistan offer best and qualified online tutors in computer studies.



Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 3



An Impact printer ______

A dot -matrix printer_______

Keyboard is a device that ________.

Plotters can be generally divided into________.

LCD stands for _______.

A plotter is _________.

Multiple choice examination answer sheets can be evaluated automatically by:

Magnetic ink characters are ________.

The purpose of input device is to _______.

The mouse is a primary input device but lacks the ability to easily transmit ______ information.

Computer is an electronic device that accepts data instructions as _______, process the data (according to the given instructions) and produce information as _________.

________ devices are used to take data from user and supply it to the computer.


________  printer prints text with combinations of Dots from characters.

________ is the characteristics of a monitor that affects the sharpness of an image.

The screen output which is intangible and temporary refers to:

The program directly related to the computer hardware controlling and utilizing them are known as:

The device mostly used for computer or video games is:

Output displayed on screen is called _______.

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Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2, computer studies, Karachi Board computer science help, Online Tutor Pakistan offer best and qualified online tutors in computer studies.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2




_____ printer directs a high-velocity stream of ink towards the paper.

Thermal printer and laser printer are the types of _______ printers

The _______ printer is a solid cylindrical drum upon which character are embossed.

Drum printer and Wheel printer are example of _______ printers.

_____ printer prints one complete line at a time.

The shape of a printer wheel resembles the petals of daisy flower, therefore, it is named as _______ printer

In the _______ printer each character is formed with the series of dots.

_______ printer prints one character at a time.

There are two types of printers, which are known as ______ and _____.

Printer and plotter are the most popular ______ devices.

Keyboard and mouse are _______ devices.

Monitor and printer are _______ devices.

_______ is a printing device which is used for engineering designing.

An input device, which is used to read the numeric and alphabetic characters from the printed documents, is known as________.

The output result in video visual from is known as________.

_________ is an input device to read images as input.

Trackball is a pointing device like________.

The three main components of computer are _______.



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The Career of Genghis Khan

The Career of Genghis Khan 

An Outline of History – By H. G. Wells. ( The Career of Genghis Khan )

In the passage from the essay, “The Career of Genghis Khan”, in “The Outline of History”, H. G. Wells giving an account of the career of this great Mongol conqueror, says that, The mongol raids were the last worst of all the nomadic raids upon the civilization of the East and West.

The Career of Genghis Khan

The settled societies of civilization and the wandering tribes of nomadians existed side by side in history. Each had a distinctly separate way of living, entirely all its own. By and by, civilization grew better organised and more and more wide spread. At the same time, the nomads become more and more intelligent, mobile and armed.

The nomads are not civilized, it is true, Nevertheless, they are a people specialized and specializing in a particularly peculiar way, exclusively their own.

Nomadians and Civilization

Civilization and nomadism have affected and influenced one another from the earliest times. After a certain period of greatness and glory,civilization, more often then not, begins to show signs of decay. Affluence leads to dissipation in luxury. Debts grow. The people grow as slaves of the rich and powerful. Convictions weaken. Worn out principle, exhaust energy and stunt growth.

At last, when the rot sets in too deep, nomadians descends upon with all the fury thunder of a terrible storm and demolishes the entire sluggish structure of civilized society so that the world may have a chance to build it again on fresh, healthy foundations.

The onslaught of mongol nomadians in the thirteenth century, was one such raid, the last and perhaps the worst of its kind. It was, no doubt, a relentless force of destruction for the civilized world of its period. But at the same time, in one way or the other, it had beneficial effects as well.

Very little is known about the history of the mongols before the close of the twelfth century. We first meet them in the country lying to the north of China, This also happened to be the homeland of Huns and Turks, who also belonged to the same ancestors or racial origin as the mongols. The mustered under a single chief. The dynamic leadership of his son, Genghis Khan extended their power and influence with terrific vigor and lightening speed.

The eventful life of Genghis Khan and his successors astonished the world, but it astonished the mongols even more. In the twelfth century the mongols were nothing more than simple tribes of nomads. They were subject to the Kin, the then conquerors of north-east China. A horde of nomadic horses, they lived in tents and fed themselves on mares milk and meat. They hunted and kept herds for food. They moved to the north in summers as the snow melted, and to the south in winters. Always wondering in searching of pastures they lived after the custom of vast grasslands in the steppes of the north. They revolted against the kin.

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History Tutor Pakistan

History Tutor Pakistan

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What is History?
History is a kind of research or inquiry, i.e. an investigation to find out facts. Every historian would agree to this statement.

As such, history and science belong to the same kind of knowledge. Both are a kind of research or inquiry in their own way.

Science consist of forms of thoughts by which it asks questions and tries to answer them. There are some important facts about science which we much know and understand. It is a common belief that science collects known facts and arranges them in suitable groups. But this is only one of its many aspects.

Basically, science seizes upon unknown things and tries to discover them. If playing patience with known facts does not give answers to our question, it is not scientifically valuable. It can be scientifically valuable only when it serves as a means towards the inquiry and discovery of unknown things and which we wish to inquire and discover. This is the essential end and purpose of science.

In this way, science begins from the knowledge of our ignorance. It starts from an understanding of our own lack of knowledge. Only when we known fully well that we do not know a particular thing, we fasten upon it and try to know it. This particular unknown thing may be the origin of parliament, the causes of cancer, the chemical composition of the sun, the way to make a pump work without the help of human or animal energy. Thus unknown thing turn into known facts and science grows.

Science, is finding things out. In much the same way, history also is finding thing out. History, therefore is a science.

What is the Object of History?

All sciences differ from one another. One science finds out thing of one kind another science finds out things of another kinds. Likewise, history finds out register or things that have been done. In other words history finds out past actions of human beings who lived in the past. This statement gives rise to a large variety of questions. Conflicting views are expressed about many of them. As such they may be answered in a large variety of ways. nevertheless, history all along remains the science of register. It is always an effort to find out answers to questions about past activities of human beings who lived in the past. No one can refute this statement. No one can prove it wrong.

How Does History Proceed?

In other words it means how is the procedure or method which help history grow from age to age.

Obviously, the growth of history depends entirely upon the interpretation of evidence. To be more explicit, interpretation of evidence is the explanation of the full meaning and significance of the evidence in question.

History Evidence

In the case of history evidence made of a number of things which we meet here and there, now and then, taken up together. These we may call documents. These documents, or rather historical documents to be more exact are of such a nature that if history studies them, it finds answers to its questions about past human actions. A large number of questions can be asked about the characteristics of evidence and the ways to interpret it. Needless to say, these questions are much too early and out of the place to ask at this junction. However, they may be answered in many different ways. But the procedure or method of history remains basically composed of interpretation of evidence, all the same . By no stretch of imagination can there be any two opinions about this statement among historians.

Lastly, What is History For?

This is perhaps the toughest question of all the four. It will be difficult to answer them. One will have to cover a wider field to find an answer for the questions. Various aspects of history will have to be taken into account. At the same time, various other aspects of a rather general nature will have to be taken into account as well. When we say that something is ‘for’ something, we mean that there is a marked difference between the two which distinguished one from the other as separate. The truth of this statement can be explained by simple logic.

If we distinctly separate things. We clearly see that A is the thing which is good for B, while B is the thing for which A is good. Obviously the two are not the same. Instead, they are rather different. Here I give the answer to the question and hope that the answer will be accepted by all historians. however, I believe that it will lead to a host of hard questions. The answer is “History is for human self-knowledge, In other words this means that history helps man to know and understand himself, most of us think that the we know ourselves, the better it is. Self knowledge always stands us in good stead.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1, computer science federal board quiz, computer studies online tutor Pakistan.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1, Online Tuition Pakistan offers online tutors in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

In addition to this we also provide free online math help, math videos, quiz, worksheets and many more.

Computer Components Quiz 1



In computer term, 16 KB means

_________ unit interprets the instructions and sends command to the various parts of CPU.

Mathematical calculation is carried out by __________ of CPU

The manipulation of data into more useful form is called ___________

________ controls and supervises all computer activities

__________ is responsible for mathematical calculations.

__________ unit is used to store data

__________ is/are the places that is/are used to connect various external devices to the computer

________ port is also known as mole connector

The processing unit responsible for mathematical computation is called ____________.

A kilo Byte is equal to ___________ Bytes

The volatile part of memory is called ___________.

_________ Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte

8 Bits = __________ Byte

__________ controls the overall communications and makes the computer carry out program instructions in the correct order

__________ performs arithmetic and logical operations

Smallest addressable unit of memory is ___________.

__________ is a physical part of computer used hold largest amount of data

A complete electronic circuit of computer is called ____________.

The main unit of any computing system is called __________.

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