Simplifying Variable Expressions Quiz

Simplifying Variable Expressions Like Terms Grade 6 Quiz

Simplifying Variable Expressions Quiz Like Terms Grade 6, Online Tutor Pakistan present online Quiz series for grade 6 students.


Simplifying Variable Expressions like terms Grade 6


Simplifying variable expressions like terms grade 6 Quiz

simplifying variable expressions like terms grade 6 Quiz

3x + 4y -2x -y

x + y - 2y + 3x

5p + 2q – 3p – 3q

3a + 5b – a + 2b + 8

5x + 3y - 2x + y

4x + 3y – 2x + 2y

4a + 5b – 2a + b

2a + 7b – 3b + a

3p + 2q – p + 2q

5c + 7d – 2c – 3d

2(x-1) + 5

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