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Learn Online Physics

Learn Online Physics

Learn Online Physics with expert and well educated Physics professional tutors.

Online Tuition Pakistan, is an academy offering expert tutors help online. You can Learn any subjects from our academy.

Master Physics from the Comfort of Your Home with ASVA Online Learning

Learn Online Physics

Unleash your potential in physics through ASVA’s online learning platform. Discover the convenience of studying physics online and access high-quality resources to excel in your studies. Join ASVA today and embark on your journey to becoming a physics expert!


Are you passionate about unraveling the mysteries of the universe and understanding the fundamental principles of physics? Look no further than ASVA’s online physics courses. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of learning physics online through ASVA’s platform, highlighting the convenience of remote learning and the comprehensive resources available to help you excel in your physics studies.

Firstly, ASVA offers a flexible and convenient way to learn physics online. With ASVA’s online platform, you can access course materials and lectures from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a busy student or a working professional, online learning allows you to set your own pace and study at a time that suits you best. Additionally, ASVA’s platform offers interactive features, such as virtual labs and simulations, that enhance your understanding of complex physics concepts.

Moreover, ASVA provides a wealth of comprehensive resources to support your online physics learning journey. From video lectures by expert physicists to interactive quizzes and practice problems, ASVA ensures you have all the tools necessary to master physics. Furthermore, you can benefit from personalized feedback and guidance from experienced instructors, who are readily available to answer your questions and provide assistance when needed.

Additionally, ASVA’s online physics courses foster a collaborative learning environment. Through discussion forums and online communities, you can engage with fellow physics enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and participate in group projects. This collaborative approach not only enhances your understanding of physics but also allows you to build a network of like-minded individuals.


In conclusion, ASVA’s online physics courses offer a convenient and comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to unlock your full potential in the field of physics.

With flexible scheduling, interactive resources, and a collaborative learning environment, ASVA empowers you to excel in your physics studies.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity—join ASVA today and embark on your journey to becoming a physics expert!

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Learn Math Online

Learn Math Online

Looking to learn math online? ASVA offers top-notch math tutoring with expert educators. Our platform connects you with skilled tutors for a comprehensive learning experience. Enhance your math skills with convenience and quality. Join us now!

Learn Math Online

Learn Math Online, Expert O & A Level tutors

ASVA: Pioneering Education and Envisioning Tomorrow

Redefining Education through Innovation

Moreover, ASVA’s influence extends far beyond traditional educational facilitation. It stands as a beacon of innovation, illuminating the path to a new era in learning. By embracing cutting-edge methodologies and unwavering dedication, ASVA doesn’t just address existing educational gaps; it propels the entire field of education into uncharted territories.

Inviting Students and Educators Alike

In our unwavering quest to redefine education, we extend an earnest invitation to students and educators alike. Together, we can propel this groundbreaking journey forward, transcending the conventional boundaries of knowledge dissemination. Furthermore, by fostering an environment of collaboration and exploration, we aspire to not only reshape how information is conveyed but also to reshape the very essence of learning itself.

Building Bridges and Inspiring Minds

With each stride we take, ASVA bridges the chasm in education. Furthermore, we instill a newfound zeal for learning, propelling us towards a future that’s not only brighter but also more profoundly informed.

Embracing the Digital Era

Additionally, ASVA’s dedication to accessible education led us to expand into the realm of online learning. Our online classes cover a spectrum of subjects including math, physics, chemistry, biology, and statistics. With a focus on globally recognized curricula such as Edexcel, IB, IGCSE, CAIE, O Level, and A Level, we cater to students worldwide, transcending geographical barriers.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

While honoring educational traditions, ASVA infuses innovation seamlessly. We’re not just teaching; we’re nurturing adaptable thinkers and problem solvers for an evolving world.

An Evolution Unfolds

As we march ahead, the evolution of education unfolds with remarkable momentum. ASVA is not confined to the present; rather, we’re laying the foundation for a future where learning knows no bounds. Moreover, our commitment to pushing the envelope of pedagogical possibilities paves the way for a paradigm shift in how individuals perceive and engage with knowledge.

Join ASVA: Shape Tomorrow

To all who yearn for a world enriched by knowledge, we beckon. Join ASVA, and together, let’s shape a tomorrow where education knows no limits and brilliance knows no borders.

Furthermore, ASVA is not just an educational facilitator; it’s a visionary institution that’s reshaping the future of learning. As we continue to bridge gaps and redefine education, we invite both students and educators to join us in this groundbreaking journey towards a brighter and more informed world.

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Online Tuition Pakistan

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Online Tutor Pakistan

MA Economics Past Papers

MA Economics Past Papers

MA Economics Past  Papers, Online Tutor Pakistan offers free online past papers for Math, Economics, Statistics, Business and Finance and many other subjects.

MA Economics past papers

MA Economics Past Papers for Micro Economics, Public Finance, Advance Economics Statistics, Economics of Planning, Agriculture Economics, and National Income Analysis and Accounting

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Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2, computer studies, Karachi Board computer science help, Online Tutor Pakistan offer best and qualified online tutors in computer studies.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 2




_____ printer directs a high-velocity stream of ink towards the paper.

Thermal printer and laser printer are the types of _______ printers

The _______ printer is a solid cylindrical drum upon which character are embossed.

Drum printer and Wheel printer are example of _______ printers.

_____ printer prints one complete line at a time.

The shape of a printer wheel resembles the petals of daisy flower, therefore, it is named as _______ printer

In the _______ printer each character is formed with the series of dots.

_______ printer prints one character at a time.

There are two types of printers, which are known as ______ and _____.

Printer and plotter are the most popular ______ devices.

Keyboard and mouse are _______ devices.

Monitor and printer are _______ devices.

_______ is a printing device which is used for engineering designing.

An input device, which is used to read the numeric and alphabetic characters from the printed documents, is known as________.

The output result in video visual from is known as________.

_________ is an input device to read images as input.

Trackball is a pointing device like________.

The three main components of computer are _______.



Online Tuition Pakistan

History Tutor Pakistan

History Tutor Pakistan

Online History Tuition Pakistan,  History Tutor Pakistan Online Tuition, Al-Saudia Virtual Academy, Online Tuition Tutor provider for all subject. We have specialized online professors for History, Sociology, Psychology, genetics, English literature and Linguistics. History expert online tutor for O level, A level, GRE history tutor, General History tutor.

history tutor Pakistan

What is History?
History is a kind of research or inquiry, i.e. an investigation to find out facts. Every historian would agree to this statement.

As such, history and science belong to the same kind of knowledge. Both are a kind of research or inquiry in their own way.

Science consist of forms of thoughts by which it asks questions and tries to answer them. There are some important facts about science which we much know and understand. It is a common belief that science collects known facts and arranges them in suitable groups. But this is only one of its many aspects.

Basically, science seizes upon unknown things and tries to discover them. If playing patience with known facts does not give answers to our question, it is not scientifically valuable. It can be scientifically valuable only when it serves as a means towards the inquiry and discovery of unknown things and which we wish to inquire and discover. This is the essential end and purpose of science.

In this way, science begins from the knowledge of our ignorance. It starts from an understanding of our own lack of knowledge. Only when we known fully well that we do not know a particular thing, we fasten upon it and try to know it. This particular unknown thing may be the origin of parliament, the causes of cancer, the chemical composition of the sun, the way to make a pump work without the help of human or animal energy. Thus unknown thing turn into known facts and science grows.

Science, is finding things out. In much the same way, history also is finding thing out. History, therefore is a science.

What is the Object of History?

All sciences differ from one another. One science finds out thing of one kind another science finds out things of another kinds. Likewise, history finds out register or things that have been done. In other words history finds out past actions of human beings who lived in the past. This statement gives rise to a large variety of questions. Conflicting views are expressed about many of them. As such they may be answered in a large variety of ways. nevertheless, history all along remains the science of register. It is always an effort to find out answers to questions about past activities of human beings who lived in the past. No one can refute this statement. No one can prove it wrong.

How Does History Proceed?

In other words it means how is the procedure or method which help history grow from age to age.

Obviously, the growth of history depends entirely upon the interpretation of evidence. To be more explicit, interpretation of evidence is the explanation of the full meaning and significance of the evidence in question.

History Evidence

In the case of history evidence made of a number of things which we meet here and there, now and then, taken up together. These we may call documents. These documents, or rather historical documents to be more exact are of such a nature that if history studies them, it finds answers to its questions about past human actions. A large number of questions can be asked about the characteristics of evidence and the ways to interpret it. Needless to say, these questions are much too early and out of the place to ask at this junction. However, they may be answered in many different ways. But the procedure or method of history remains basically composed of interpretation of evidence, all the same . By no stretch of imagination can there be any two opinions about this statement among historians.

Lastly, What is History For?

This is perhaps the toughest question of all the four. It will be difficult to answer them. One will have to cover a wider field to find an answer for the questions. Various aspects of history will have to be taken into account. At the same time, various other aspects of a rather general nature will have to be taken into account as well. When we say that something is ‘for’ something, we mean that there is a marked difference between the two which distinguished one from the other as separate. The truth of this statement can be explained by simple logic.

If we distinctly separate things. We clearly see that A is the thing which is good for B, while B is the thing for which A is good. Obviously the two are not the same. Instead, they are rather different. Here I give the answer to the question and hope that the answer will be accepted by all historians. however, I believe that it will lead to a host of hard questions. The answer is “History is for human self-knowledge, In other words this means that history helps man to know and understand himself, most of us think that the we know ourselves, the better it is. Self knowledge always stands us in good stead.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1, computer science federal board quiz, computer studies online tutor Pakistan.

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1

Computer Components 9 Grade Computer Studies Quiz 1, Online Tuition Pakistan offers online tutors in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

In addition to this we also provide free online math help, math videos, quiz, worksheets and many more.

Computer Components Quiz 1



In computer term, 16 KB means

_________ unit interprets the instructions and sends command to the various parts of CPU.

Mathematical calculation is carried out by __________ of CPU

The manipulation of data into more useful form is called ___________

________ controls and supervises all computer activities

__________ is responsible for mathematical calculations.

__________ unit is used to store data

__________ is/are the places that is/are used to connect various external devices to the computer

________ port is also known as mole connector

The processing unit responsible for mathematical computation is called ____________.

A kilo Byte is equal to ___________ Bytes

The volatile part of memory is called ___________.

_________ Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte

8 Bits = __________ Byte

__________ controls the overall communications and makes the computer carry out program instructions in the correct order

__________ performs arithmetic and logical operations

Smallest addressable unit of memory is ___________.

__________ is a physical part of computer used hold largest amount of data

A complete electronic circuit of computer is called ____________.

The main unit of any computing system is called __________.

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Online Tuition Pakistan

Evaluating Variable Expressions

Evaluating Variable Expressions

Evaluating Variable Expressions, Online Tuition Pakistan offers online tutors in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

In addition to this we also provide free online math help, math videos, quiz, worksheets and many more.

Evaluating Variable Expressions

Evaluating Variable Expressions

Evaluating Variable Expressions

x^3 + 2x -1 when x=3

a^2 - 3b + c -12 when a=2, b=1 and c=5

4+m+n-m;use m=4, and n=9

qp+q-p;use p=7, and q=3

mn ÷ 6 + 10; use m = 7, and n = 6

h + j(j − h); use h = 2, and j = 6

(b − 1)^2+a^2;use a=6, and b=1

y(x − (9 − 4y)); use x = 4, and y = 2

x − (x −(x-y^3)); use x = 9, and y = 1

j(h − 9)^3+2; use h = 9, and j = 8

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Online Tuition Pakistan

Simplifying Variable Expressions Quiz

Simplifying Variable Expressions Like Terms Grade 6 Quiz

Simplifying Variable Expressions Quiz Like Terms Grade 6, Online Tutor Pakistan present online Quiz series for grade 6 students.


Simplifying Variable Expressions like terms Grade 6


Simplifying variable expressions like terms grade 6 Quiz

simplifying variable expressions like terms grade 6 Quiz

3x + 4y -2x -y

x + y - 2y + 3x

5p + 2q – 3p – 3q

3a + 5b – a + 2b + 8

5x + 3y - 2x + y

4x + 3y – 2x + 2y

4a + 5b – 2a + b

2a + 7b – 3b + a

3p + 2q – p + 2q

5c + 7d – 2c – 3d

2(x-1) + 5

Furthermore, Al-Saudia Virtual Academy, Pakistan oldest and relaible online tutors Academy, offers it services 24/7 all around the globe.

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Online Tuition Pakistan

Online Tutor Academy Pakistan

Online Tutor Karachi Pakistan

Online Tutor Karachi Pakistan

Online Tutor Pakistan

Welcome to ASVA, the best online tutoring service in Karachi Pakistan. Our expert tutors are highly educated, experienced, and dedicated to delivering results.

Proficient in Various Subjects, Serving Students Globally

Additionally, with proficiency in various subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Economics, and Accounts, our tutors have successfully taught professionals in esteemed colleges, schools, and universities.

Moreover, We cater to students from different countries all around the globe. Join us for a seamless online learning experience.

Commitment to Quality Education

Furthermore, since its inception, ASVA has been unwavering in its commitment to delivering top-notch online education.

At Al-Saudia, we prioritize quality and hold the belief that teaching is not just a profession, but a true passion.

Excellent Online Tutoring Services in Pakistan

Moreover, our Virtual Academy excels in providing outstanding online tutoring services in Pakistan for all subjects.

Also, We implement activity-based learning, a concept-oriented curriculum, and modern teaching techniques to ensure a comprehensive and engaging educational experience.

Round-the-Clock Expertise for Various Curricula

Moreover, our highly experienced and expert online tutors in Maths, Physics, Stats, Chemistry, and Biology are available round the clock to cater to students following G.C.S.E., Edexcel, Australian, American, and Canadian curriculum.

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